Rev: An AI-powered platform to find your ideal prospects, faster.

What is Rev?

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Lookalike Matching

Just because companies look alike doesn’t mean they buy alike.
Rev’s Sales Development Platform uses over 40 billion data points to uncover accounts that look like your best customers. Give us a list of 50 to 500 of your best customers and our AI-powered, lookalike engine does the rest.

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Enhanced ABM

You’ve got a great ABM list; make it even better with more accounts that look like your best customers.

Rev uses AI to enhance your ABM list and then promotes your content to your enhanced ABM audience.

Enhanced ABM is a combination of your existing ABM with our proprietary AI engine that finds new opportunities that look like your best customers. It’s the best of both worlds: AI targeting and ABM combined into one powerful solution.

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Exegraphics Engine

We’ve developed the the industry’s first and only Exegraphics Engine. We look beyond firmagraphics and technographics. Our Exegraphics℠ Engine searches millions of data sources to identify the key signals to mathematically model your ideal customers, and uses those models to find ideal prospects - automatically.

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