The smartest way to predictively grow your pipeline

Your list is your strategy. Don't leave it to guesswork. Rev®'s AI-powered Sales Development Platform builds and prioritizes target account lists of prospects that most resemble your best customers.


Solve your first-mile problem

If your outbound teams are anything like their peers, they prospect without a map. They try to find companies that fit a static ideal customer profile (ICP), and oftentimes, they guess. This leads to missed opportunities, wasted resources and mismatched leads that clog your funnel. When you engage with the wrong prospect, every step after is wasted. We call this the first-mile problem, and our AI-powered Sales Development Platform can help you solve it.

Start above the funnel

Rev solves the first-mile problem by concentrating above the funnel. Like GPS maps, Rev’s AI-powered Sales Development Platform shows you the fastest route to your revenue goals by listing out the prospects you should target next, even before they show intent.

Bring exegraphics into your GTM strategy

Have you ever wondered what makes your best customers your best customers? With Rev’s exegraphic data—insights into how companies operate—you’ll know. If one of our 500+ exegraphic lenses doesn’t surface what you need, let us know. We’ll create a custom lens just for you.

Upgrade your ICP to an aiCP

No need to rely on a slide deck that tells you who you think your ICP is. Rev builds a living model of your best customers so you can get a better sense of who they are, how they behave and how to better reach them. The model is always learning, so your aiCP is always evolving, too.

Fuel your funnel with high-volume, quality prospects

Rev uses your aiCP to find new-new targets that fit your profile, in existing or entirely new markets. It’s that simple. From there, you have a data-driven, actionable target list that empowers you to meet your prospecting and revenue goals faster and with more predictability than ever before.

Key benefits include...

AI targeting

  • Prioritize existing ABM lists and identify entirely new targets

Align selling teams with shared data & consistent process

  • Prioritize a clear and consistent view—for all stakeholders—of your ideal customer profiles and the status of each prospect

  • Level up attainment across your team and increase revenue potential of your pipeline

Maintain focus on ideal customer profiles

  • Build living mathematical models of your ideal customers for each product or industry of focus

  • Further tune your aiCPs with specific exegraphic signals or data such as churned customers

Find lookalike prospects instantly

  • Elimate 50% of time-consuming, manual prospecting

  • Expand target account and ABM lists up to 84%

  • Ensure the right people reach out to the right prospects at the right time

Route prospects to the best channel for follow-up

  • Seamlessly interact with the systems you already use including Outreach, Salesforce and other popular CRM, SEM and ABM systems

  • Help sales and marketing take action faster, improve lead quality throughout the pipeline and drive revenue growth

Strengthen your pipeline. Start above the funnel.