Find your next best customer above the funnel

Stop guessing which prospects you should talk to next. With Rev’s AI-powered Sales Development Platform, you’ll always know the best-fit accounts to target.


It’s time to improve your aim

Did you know that only 18% of most organizations’ pipelines are filled with accounts that match their ICP? That’s why getting your aim right—starting above the funnel—is the key to maximizing your revenue potential. See what your aim is and how to improve it.


Revenue teams depend on Rev

The world's best B2B revenue teams use Rev to fill their pipeline with best-fit opportunities.

Make targeting a science

Revenue teams often struggle to identify who their ideal customer is and which accounts to target. But, they don’t have to. Rev’s artificial intelligence optimizes your go-to-market efforts by finding companies that have the characteristics you care about most and prioritizing them for you. And not just the surface-level traits. Our AI gives you access to exegraphics: deep insights into how companies execute their mission, things like growth rate, data risk, sales strategies, hiring practices and more!

Improve your aim and grow your pipeline with Rev

Discover the companies you should target

Rev’s artificial intelligence builds you an aiCP—a living model that represents your best customers—and uses it to find net-new targets that fit the profile in existing or entirely new markets.


increase in net-new

Get prioritized target account lists for every GTM function

With dynamic and prioritized target account lists for every GTM function, you’ll know you’re investing your time and resources engaging with the prospects that show the most promise.


improvement in new logo
acquisition cost

Integrate with your existing processes and systems

Streamline workflows by routing target accounts to the tools and systems you already use; enhance the prospecting experience via integrations with your favorite data provider.


improvement in opportunity
creating efficiency


Smarter targeting. Better results.

“Rev gave us a prioritized account list to focus our marketing efforts. Over 15% of our pipeline can be attributed to Splunk’s aiCP—all with a very light lift from our side.”

Joe Paone, Sr Director, Worldwide Commercial Marketing

“Rev has helped several of our clients increase their ABM list by more than 20%, providing targeted insights and two-touch campaigns that deliver quality results.”

Andrea Ryhal, Group Marketing Program Manager

“Rev’s AI-driven platform continually delivers high-quality, targeted leads that are a huge contributor to downstream revenue.”

Mary McCarthy, Marketing & Media Strategist

“Since deploying Rev, our pipeline is growing exclusively with accounts that match our ICP. In fact, in just one quarter our aim—the percentage of accounts in our pipeline that match our ICP—has improved by 28%.”

Alli Manning, Chief Operating Officer


How well do your target accounts
match your ICP?


Conquering the first-mile problem in sales and marketing

If you engage with the wrong prospect, every step after is wasted. That's why the first mile of sales is the most important—and why leading teams are using AI to start strong.


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