B2B sales funnel: Understand and optimize what matters most

August 11, 2022

A recent Gartner study noted that the B2B purchasing process is complex. While that might not totally take you back, you might be surprised to learn that 77% of B2B buyers reported that their last purchase was complicated. So, let’s take a look at your B2B sales funnel to simplify the buying journey for customers […]

Automated lead generation: What you need to know to get started

August 3, 2022

You probably spend an excessive amount of time chasing leads down. Lead generation is a never ending necessity for businesses, especially for companies trying to grow. (And, what company isn’t?) Because of this, you might feel like you’re starting at ground zero month after month. As your organization grows, you need to  find ways to […]

​​Why your cold outreach sucks (and what to do about it)

July 27, 2022

Cold sales outreach catches a bad rap for good reasons. A lot of people don’t enjoy receiving cold calls and sales pitch emails. Plus, a lot of sales reps aren’t particularly genuine about making those connections. We find that a lot of the advice out there about how to improve your SDR prospecting is obvious […]

12 steps to build and lead a high-performing SDR team

July 13, 2022

Leading a sales development team is a big undertaking. Many of the folks on your team are likely new to the role and junior in their careers. Their day-to-day is a grind: researching for new prospects that match your ideal customer profile and relentlessly trying to engage them. More often than not, their hard work […]

Getting started: A roadmap for RevOps

July 7, 2022

Most companies are new to revenue operations, or RevOps. It’s a relatively new practice that’s only started to get traction in the last decade. And the reason RevOps has gained so much momentum is because it can dramatically—and positively—impact an organization. The downside? Growth via RevOps can be slow to start.  If you’re moving into […]

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