Drive predictable revenue growth

There’s a better and more efficient way to grow revenue, and it starts above the funnel. With Rev, your GTM teams will always have a dynamic, prioritized list of high-fit target accounts that resemble your best customers.


Rev’s helps top SaaS companies identify opportunities.

Improve revenue operations with exegraphic data

Identify your next market segments

Ready to fuel growth by expanding into a new market? Evaluate the viability of a new segment by going beyond traditional TAM and analyzing the “fit and ready” targets within a new market.

Target accounts with a high propensity to engage

Waste less time on leads that will never close—and stop missing five-star opportunities. Instead, use AI to build a prioritized list of accounts that match your ICP so sales and marketing can focus on accounts that are ready to engage.

Strategically expand existing accounts

You've got a new product or service to sell—and a lot of customers you can upsell. But, where do you start? Let AI prioritize the customers that are showing signs of being "fit and ready" to hear your pitch.

Reduce churn

Incremental growth matters, and so does preserving your existing revenue stream. Use AI to understand and surface the deep behavioral patterns of at-risk accounts, and use that insight to build a cross-functional retention strategy.

Route accounts to the right channels

Not all accounts are equal. Some are ready to close before they’ve heard your full pitch. Others might need a little more time. Get them to the team that will support them best and move them through the funnel faster.

“Rev gave us a prioritized account list to focus our marketing efforts. Over 15% of our pipeline can be attributed to Splunk’s aiCP—all with a very light lift from our side.”

Joe Paone | Sr Director, Worldwide Commercial Marketing at Splunk

Build a winning RevOps strategy


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The navigational power of RevOps, with Rosalyn Santa Elena

RevOps has long existed as an organizational function—predating the term RevOps itself—yet so many teams struggle to integrate a dedicated RevOps team. Should it slot alongside (or above, or below) Sales and Marketing? How does this work? Rosalyn Santa Elena, founder and Chief Revenue Operations Officer at The RevOps Collective, believes it’s a matter of […]


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Up to 66% of leads are low-fit and clog your funnel.
Fill your funnel with leads that close.