Prospect with a map

Prospecting just got an upgrade. Rev supplies you with accounts that match your ICP, so you’re never stumped on whom to pitch next.

Save your outbound team from wasting 40% of their time researching and talking to the wrong prospects.


The fastest route to your next best customer

Know who you’re really targeting

Put your company’s static ICP docs to the side and get a deeper view into the characteristics that make your best customers your best. With Rev, you’ll see the exegraphics behind your best customers and gain a better understanding of who they are and how they operate.

Give your outbound teams dynamic target account lists

Empower your outbound teams with an always up-to-day prioritized target account list. Our Sales Development Platform will find and dynamically prioritize accounts that match your ICP so you don’t have to worry about missing net-new, five-star opportunities. You'll be equipped to take action on the targets that show the most promise.

Use exegraphics to personalize the pitch

Because exegraphics reveal how a company is doing business—maybe they’re on a hiring spree, maybe they’re early adopters, maybe they’re high growth—you’ll know exactly how to approach the conversation to get their attention.

Leading B2B sales teams use Rev to bring in

Don’t leave your pipeline growth to guesswork.

Let Rev show you the companies you should target next.