Redefine how B2B companies drive growth

Rev collaborates with a growing ecosystem of agencies and service providers as well as technology vendors and integrators. These relationships help Rev customers get the most out of our AI platform and enable our partners to offer something unique—and revenue enhancing—to their customers.


“Rev has helped several of our clients increase their ABM list by more than 20%, providing targeted insights and two-touch campaigns that deliver quality results.”

Andrea Ryhal, Marketing Manager, Allytics

“Rev's AI-based technology provides a layer of sophistication that goes beyond intent-based solutions, resulting in high-quality B2B prospects that look and behave like our clients' best existing customers.”

Melanie Kennedy, Founder of Strategic Media

“Rev’s AI-driven platform continually delivers high-quality, targeted leads that are a huge contributor to downstream revenue.”

Mary McCarthy, Marketing & Media Strategist, MMC

Why partner with us?

We’re building an ecosystem of agencies, services partners and technology companies that all share a common goal: help go-to-market teams find their next best prospects—faster—and grow revenue. If your company plays a role in prospecting, territory mapping, new market expansion, account based marketing or revenue transformation, let’s talk.

Technology and integration

Develop complementary products, extensions, integrations or connectors that help our joint customers maximize the value of "fit" and "readiness" data.

Benefits include

  • Opportunity to collaborate with Rev® on integrated products

  • Participation in joint marketing activities

  • Event co-sponsorship

  • Access to Rev’s growing ecosystem


Agencies & Advisory Services

Provide additional value to your clients’ above-the-funnel activities and grow your firm’s impact and revenue.

Benefits include

  • Co-selling and co-marketing

  • Expand your footprint

  • Create or enhance your existing service offerings

  • Add recurring revenue streams that offer subscription licensing


OEM and ISV partners

Embed or integrate our award winning AI exegraphics engine in your platform or solution.

Benefits include

  • Differentiate your offering with embedded fit and readiness insights/exegraphics

  • Increase speed to market

  • Use aiCPs to drive customer engagement and retention

Partner with Rev®