MQLs with a competitive edge

Not all MQLs are created equal. You need MQLs that have the characteristics you care about. With the help of our AI-powered Sales Development Platform, you can get just that.


move through the funnel

Give sales stronger MQLs

Deliver more and stronger MQLs

High-quality leads start with high-quality targets. Tap into the pattern-matching power of AI to build your target account list. Then, sit back while we double opt-in and send you leads that match your ideal customer profile.

Evaluate new market segments

Do you feel like you’ve exhausted your existing market? Discover and evaluate the viability of a new market segment by getting a clear view into the “fit and ready” accounts.

“Rev is creating opportunities at a rate we haven’t seen before. We’re getting much faster conversion and these leads help us drive down customer acquisition cost.”

Bryce Roberts | Director, Demand Generation at Oracle

Evolve your demand gen strategy


7 steps to effective lead management

Lead management isn’t a totally new idea, especially in the demand gen world. But, as your business grows and scales, you’ll need to make sure everyone understands what it is so they can follow the process you’ve built. Empowering your team with visibility into your lead management process not only creates a smoother experience for […]


How (and why) RevOps teams use exegraphic data, with Intelligent Demand’s Nicole Davolt

RevOps teams are under enormous pressure to grow their companies, and to grow them efficiently. Even C-suites are feeling this pressure. When they do, they turn to Nicole Davolt, a RevOps strategist at Intelligent Demand. “We align their tactics, their technology and their people into a strategic growth strategy and a program that allows them […]


9 account based marketing (ABM) tactics to help maximize your ROI

We get it. Account based marketing (ABM) on paper sounds like a great idea. All you have to do is create a campaign that targets a specific account or set of accounts, track the results and adjust your strategy as needed. But where do you start? What ABM tactics should you use? And how do […]

Most teams miss 65% of their best prospects,
leaving them to buy from someone else.

Don’t let this be you. Get to them first.