MQLs with a competitive edge

Not all MQLs are created equal. You need MQLs that have the characteristics you care about. With the help of our AI-powered Sales Development Platform, you can get just that.


move through the funnel

Give sales stronger MQLs

Deliver more and stronger MQLs

High-quality leads start with high-quality targets. Tap into the pattern-matching power of AI to build your target account list. Then, sit back while we double opt-in and send you leads that match your ideal customer profile.

Evaluate new market segments

Do you feel like you’ve exhausted your existing market? Discover and evaluate the viability of a new market segment by getting a clear view into the “fit and ready” accounts.

“Rev is creating opportunities at a rate we haven’t seen before. We’re getting much faster conversion and these leads help us drive down customer acquisition cost.”

Bryce Roberts | Director, Demand Generation at Oracle

Evolve your demand gen strategy


What is outbound lead generation?

Not all outbound lead generation strategies are built equally. While some are effective within a short time, others require a compound investment. This post distills the best outbound lead generation strategies and how to execute them to get lasting results fast. We’ll cover: Outbound lead generation and how it works Methods you can use to […]


Inbound vs. outbound sales: What, when and how

We studied the best marketing and sales minds and distilled them to a simple conclusion: “Every sales strategy can be categorized into two buckets; inbound or outbound, and neither is the better way to sell.” In fact, both are great and often used together as part of a larger GTM strategy. So, to help you […]


10 key demand generation metrics for B2B marketing

Do you think your company’s CEO cares about web traffic, impressions or leads as much as your marketing team? Probably not! Because what she really cares about is revenue.  So, as a B2B marketer, you need to be able to show the impact your demand generation efforts are having on the bottom line. Otherwise, you’re […]

Most teams miss 65% of their best prospects,
leaving them to buy from someone else.

Don’t let this be you. Get to them first.