MQLs with a competitive edge

Not all MQLs are created equal. You need MQLs that have the characteristics you care about. With the help of our AI-powered Sales Development Platform, you can get just that.


Give sales stronger MQLs

Deliver more with stronger MQLs

High-quality leads start with high-quality targets. Tap into the pattern-matching power of AI to build your target account list. Then, sit back while we double opt-in and send you leads that match your ideal customer profile.

Evaluate new market segments

Do you feel like you’ve exhausted your existing market? Discover and evaluate the viability of a new market segment by getting a clear view into the “fit and ready” accounts.

“Rev is an amazing partner and a staple in Tipalti’s syndicated content portfolio. We have been able to tap into Rev’s broad and diverse audience, driving thousands of verified leads for our core ICP. What really sets them apart is their support team. They are professional and accommodating when it comes to niche lead requirements, quick IO turnarounds and campaign edits.”

Kendrick Shuler | Outbound Marketing Manager

Evolve your demand gen strategy

How to better understand your customers’ needs (without the limitations of traditional customer data)

Want to understand your customers better than—and before—anyone else? Develop a deep understanding of their needs and pain points? Predict what factors influence them to buy before they even speak to one of your sales reps?  Well, we hate to […]


How to build true demand in today’s buyer’s market, with Manuel Rietzsch

The undeniable reality of demand marketing is that buying behaviors have changed, and the old tried-and-true playbook hasn’t aged gracefully. “It’s much more a buyer’s market now than it used to be,” says Manuel Rietzsch, VP of Revenue Marketing at […]


Data integrity and revamping your ICP

Every GTM motion in a RevOps organization has its own distinct function. Yet somehow, they’re supposed to collaborate darn near seamlessly. Data is the medium that facilitates that interdependence. It’s a common language that provides common context to everyone in […]


Most teams miss 65% of their best prospects leaving them to buy from someone else.

Don’t let this be you. Get to them first.