Tap into AI to deliver high-velocity leads

Improve your clients’ sales and marketing ROI. Rev’s AI surfaces deep “fit and readiness” signals so you can target accounts that close faster.


Discover with Rev.

Increase your clients’ closed-won rate

Understand what makes your clients’ best customers their best

Use AI to uncover meaningful exegraphics—deep insights about how a company executes on its mission, things like sales tactics, strategy and hiring practices—so you can drive content strategy for your clients and help them prioritize content investments.

Build, refine and validate your clients’ TALs

Take the guesswork out of building target account lists, for you and your clients. Rev’s AI builds a living model of your clients’ best customers and finds other accounts that match the profile, guiding you and your clients to accounts that are “fit and ready.”

Target accounts with a message that resonates

To get great MQLs, you need to target the right accounts with the right message. With exegraphic data in hand, you’ll be better able to improve lead scoring and lead qualification, and generate a larger ROI from your clients lead generation spend with you.

“Rev has helped several of our clients increase their ABM list by more than 20%, providing targeted insights and two-touch campaigns that deliver quality results.”

Andrea Ryhal, Group Marketing Program Manager

“Rev produces some of the best-performing target lists and tailored campaigns in the industry. With a commitment to service, attention to detail, and responsiveness, we couldn't ask for a better partner for our agency and clients.”

Melanie Kennedy, Founder

“Rev’s exegraphic insights into a prospect’s fit and readiness provides tremendous value for our clients. Their AI-driven platform continually delivers high-quality, targeted leads that are a huge contributor to downstream revenue.”

Mary McCarthy, Marketing & Media Strategist

“So many companies accept their ICP on faith, but Rev helps us validate those assumptions in a way that identifies new opportunities, uncovers new market segments and reveals customer characteristics that weren’t even on the client’s radar. All of which helps us, as the agency partner, plan creative, content, and campaigns that drive increased revenue and ROI.”

Howard Sewell, President

Rev has enabled us to get to market faster and be able to make smarter decisions at the beginning of the campaign where we historically had limited data.

Nicole Davolt, RevOps Strategist

Your clients depend on you to get them leads that turn into—and remain—customers.

Deliver on that promise.