MQLs made easy

Sometimes you just need the MQLs straight to your inbox. We understand. With our AI-powered Sales Development Platform, we can make it happen.


Rev’s MQLs show a 67% improvement on cost per new logo over the previous channel benchmark.

Expand your target account list, with AI

To get high-quality leads, you need to start with high-quality targets. That’s why we use our AI-powered Sales Development Platform to upgrade your list of target accounts to include other companies that fit your ideal customer profile. No more missed opportunities or low-quality leads that clog your funnel.

Your campaign, your way

You decide who you want to reach with your message while we do the heavy lifting. Target your existing ABM list, expand your ABM and syndicate content to a larger audience, or uncover new leads and syndicate content to these fresh targets.

Access the best-performing leads in the market

Get double opt-in leads that are primed with your content and ready for your sales team. Because we use AI to identify and prioritize your best targets, our MQLs create sales opportunities 78% more efficiently and generate $500k more in pipeline value. You’ll also see them move 23% faster through the funnel.

“Rev gave us a prioritized account list to focus our marketing efforts. Over 15% of our pipeline can be attributed to Splunk’s aiCP—all with a very light lift from our side.”

Joe Paone, Sr Director, Worldwide Commercial Marketing, Splunk


Get better, higher-quality leads