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A strong lead gen game is all about bringing in volume and quality. Get both when you team up with Rev for your AI-powered MQLs.

With Rev, you’ll start above the funnel—with a list of targets that fit your ICP.


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Upgrade your demand gen with AI and expertise

Get the world’s best MQLs by teaming up with the crew that has gathered troves of best practices launching content syndication campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands—IBM, Lockheed Martin, Dell, Microsoft and others—and is leading the industry as the only provider of AI-powered exegraphic data.

Reach your targets with a campaign that resonates

By knowing the exegraphics—insights about how a company operates—of your best customers, you'll be better positioned to create a content and campaign strategy that will grab your audience’s attention.

Upgrade your target account list

Feeling like your target account list is getting a little stale? No problem. Rev’s AI-powered Sales Development Platform can expand your list with net-new accounts that fit your ideal customer profile.

Sit back, and let the MQLs roll in

With Rev, you’ll receive leads that have double-opted into your content, primed to hear from your team and about your solution. You’ll notice the difference in Rev’s MQLs because they showed signs of being “fit and ready”—even before they engaged with your content.

“We’re getting much faster conversion and these leads help us drive down customer acquisition cost.”

Bryce Roberts, Director of Demand Generation, Oracle

Identify 65% better-fit prospects by bringing exegraphics into your demand gen strategy.

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