Operationalize Value Creation

With Rev’s cutting-edge AI, your GTM team at portfolio companies will know their true ICP and always have prioritized high-fit target accounts within their relevant TAM.


Increase win rates by 2-5x

Increase your portcos’ GTM efficiency

Enhance ICP and relevant TAM

Use AI to redefine and enhance your portco’s ICP based on current best customers. Armed with this new and improved ICP, (re)evaluate the relevant market size for their existing market or discover potential new markets.

Build, refine and validate your portcos’ targeting

Take the guesswork out of targeting for your portcos. Rev’s AI builds a living model of your portcos’ best customers and finds other accounts that match the profile, guiding your portcos to accounts that are “fit and ready.”

Monitor portcos’ GTM progress

Identify which portcos are excelling with their GTM and which ones need a helping hand to get on the right path. Track key performance trends over time to quickly diagnose and deliver operational support.

Take due diligence to another level

Evaluate your next acquisitions with the keenest eye on their current total relevant market size and ability to expand into new and adjacent markets. 

Unlock added potential for value creation across your portfolio.