Build a more efficient and profitable funnel

Transform prospecting from a manual, random and frustrating experience to a scientific and precise process. With a database of 6M+ companies, Rev uses AI to find your next best customer.

It’s the new—most efficient—way to grow your pipeline.


Rev’s Sales Development Platform saves SDRs 30% of their time—that’s $21k/year per individual rep!

Surface the deep signals, with exegraphics

Go beyond firmographics and discover what your best customers have in common. Our Sales Development Platform uses AI to uncover 500+ exegraphics—deep insights about how a company executes on its mission, things like a company’s sales tactics, strategy and hiring practices—so you can better understand and target others just like them.

Customize your exegraphics

Need a unique or specific exegraphic lens? Perhaps your company sells software to hotels, but only to those with more than 2,000 beds. No problem. Rev, and only Rev, is able to identify the organizations that fit this specific description. Custom lenses are exclusive to each customer and are not shared among the Rev customer community.

Build and maintain your aiCP

Upgrade your ideal customer profile (ICP). Let Rev build a living model of your ideal customer: what we call an aiCP. As a dynamic model, the aiCP “learns” and improves over time and takes into account a variety of information: exegraphics, firmographic, intent and so much more. With an aiCP, you’ll be able to keep a pulse on the changing attitudes and behaviors of your best customers so you can continually refine your GTM strategy.

Build and prioritize your target list

Once your aiCP(s) has been built, Rev will also build you a prioritized list of new targets, ranked by “fit and readiness” to hear your pitch. You’ll know who you should be talking to and why they would care.

Route your targets to the right channel

Give your teams a data-driven approach to prospecting, without giving them another tool to use. Route your target list(s) to the tools and systems your team already uses so they can continue their work, without interruption.

“Rev is creating opportunities at a rate we haven’t seen before. We’re getting much faster conversion and these leads help us drive down customer acquisition cost.”

Bryce Roberts, Manager of Demand Generation, Oracle


Upgrade your target lists