Build a more efficient and profitable funnel

Always know the most promising companies to target so your team can spend more time working accounts that will actually close—accounts that look like your best customers.

It’s the new, most efficient way to grow your pipeline.


Solve the first-mile problem in sales and marketing

Discover the traits your best customers have in common

Go beyond firmographics and discover the hidden characteristics behind your best customers. Our Sales Development Platform uses AI to analyze your customers and uncover exegraphic data—deep insights about how a company executes on its mission, things like a company’s sales tactics, strategy and hiring practices—so you can better understand and target others just like them.

Find lookalikes with attributes that matter most to you

Say your company sells software to hotels, but only to those with more than 2,000 beds. No problem. Rev is able to identify the organizations that fit this distinct description with custom exegraphic lenses. Since custom lenses are exclusive to each customer and not shared among the Rev customer community, this targeting advantage is unique to you.

Operationalize your ICP

Your customers are evolving and your ICP should too. Rev builds a living model of your ideal customer that learns and improves over time.  With a dynamic ICP, you’ll keep a pulse on the changing attitudes and behaviors of your best customers so you can continually refine your GTM strategy.

Always know which accounts to target

Stop working exhausted lists or guessing which companies to target next. Rev finds and prioritizes accounts that match your ICP so you can focus your time working the ones that are most likely to engage. 

Route your targets to the right channel

Give your teams a data-driven approach to prospecting, without giving them another tool to use. Route your target lists to the tools and systems your team already uses so they can continue their work, without interruption.

“Rev fills a gap in our tech stack, allowing us to define the criteria used in our ICP scoring model. The data they pull from LinkedIn profiles and job postings is helpful in determining a potential fit for our company's solution.”

Brendon Ritz, Director of Marketing Operations

“Since deploying Rev, our pipeline is growing exclusively with accounts that match our ICP. In fact, in just one quarter our AIM—the percentage of accounts in our pipeline that match our ICP—has improved by 28%.”

Alli Manning, Chief Operating Officer

Working the same target account list with little success?