Gain traction in a new market—quickly

You’re entering a new market, and you shouldn’t go in blind. With Rev’s AI-powered Sales Development Platform, you’ll know who your most promising prospects are right from the start.

Let us give your team a prioritized list of accounts that meet the criteria you care about most.


The new way to expand into new markets

Rapidly identify the ICP for your new market

New market, new ICP. And with Rev, you’ll have an AI-powered ICP (we call it an aiCP) that surfaces the exegraphic details—like sales tactics, hiring practices, data risk tolerance—of your best customers to help your team create and execute more meaningful programs and strategies.

Give your team a dynamic, up-to-date and prioritized prospecting list

Too many great expansion strategies fail because sales teams don’t know which companies to target—and they spend 40% of their time trying to figure it out. Put an end to that. Rev’s Sales Development Platform creates a dynamic, prioritized list of accounts that match your ICP so your team always knows whom to contact next.

Improve your aim, get to market faster

Accelerate your GTM efforts by focusing on the companies that meet your key criteria. When you engage with your best-fit accounts first, you’ll collect the early learnings you need to refine your strategy and grab market share.

Rev’s Sales Development Platform helps top SaaS companies identify

Avoid false starts.
Give your expansion strategy a chance by giving your team a list of targets that match your key criteria.