Take the guesswork out of prospecting

With Rev’s AI taking on the heavy lifting, you’ll have a prioritized list of accounts that match your ICP so you can focus your time on the accounts that are most likely to engage.


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Close better deals faster

Expand into new markets the smart way

Expanding into a new market can be exciting, but knowing whom to target can be intimidating. Make confident decisions by using AI to evaluate the addressable market of “fit and ready” targets within each new segment.

Fill your pipeline with prospects ready to hear your pitch

When you engage with the wrong prospect, every step after is wasted. Create more predictability and efficiency in your revenue stream by tapping into the pattern-matching capabilities of AI. Always know which companies fit your ICP and could be ready to engage.

Know which accounts are prime for expansion

Land and expand. It’s what every sales leader wants. But when looking for upsell opportunities, how do you know which of your current customers to target? Pinpointing readiness in your current customers can be the fastest path to hitting quota, especially when you have new products or services to upsell—and Rev will show you who those customers are.

Spot the customers at risk for churn

Adding new logos is great, but keeping them is better. It’s essential to survival. Understand the deep and early signals of churn among your customers, so you can get involved and put a meaningful retention plan in place early.

“Rev grew our pipeline with 1,500 accounts that matched our ICP that hadn't been on our radar. It even shed light on a new market we should consider entering.”

Adam Maude, SVP of Sales

“With Rev, not only are we showing reps which accounts to target, but we're also guiding them on which product they should pitch them.”

Dave Rubin, Director of Global Sales Operations

“We've been able to use exegraphics to help sales teams get some of their discovery out of the way. They don't have to get on a phone call to uncover some of the things that aren't normally seen but that we're able to see through exegraphics.”

Nicole Davolt, RevOps Strategist

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40% of outbound time is wasted with inconsistent, frustrating and manual research.

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