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Win/Loss analysis: How to learn from lost sales opportunities

RevOps Sales

November 8, 2023

Have you ever lost a big sales opportunity without knowing why it slipped away? If so, you’re not alone. And there’s good news. Those lost sales opportunities can actually be great learning experiences if you take the time to conduct […]

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How to better understand your customers’ needs (without the limitations of traditional customer data)

DemandGen RevOps Sales

November 1, 2023

Want to understand your customers better than—and before—anyone else? Develop a deep understanding of their needs and pain points? Predict what factors influence them to buy before they even speak to one of your sales reps?  Well, we hate to […]

What is product-led growth?


August 23, 2023

Successful companies grow fast by moving users swiftly through their pipeline. In an ever-evolving market, this requires frequent fresh approaches to revenue generation.  One method of supercharging growth (and used to success by companies like Slack and Candidly) is product-led […]

Data integrity and revamping your ICP

DemandGen RevOps Sales

August 16, 2023

Every GTM motion in a RevOps organization has its own distinct function. Yet somehow, they’re supposed to collaborate darn near seamlessly. Data is the medium that facilitates that interdependence. It’s a common language that provides common context to everyone in […]

9 steps to craft your perfect go-to-market strategy

DemandGen RevOps Sales

July 5, 2023

A well defined go-to-market strategy is the difference between a successful launch and a flop. It outlines your product’s target market, customers, channels, pricing and more—and makes sure that all teams are aligned and working together. Creating and perfecting a […]

6 proven methods for reducing churn, and how to prevent it altogether


June 28, 2023

When companies wait to put customer retention strategies into action until after churn becomes an issue, they essentially write the script for their own demise. Look at once-industry leaders Blockbuster, Kodak and Sears. Each failed to adapt to an evolving […]

RevOps framework: What it is, why it works and how to use it


June 14, 2023

Revenue Operations (RevOps) is a breakthrough application of data and automation. It’s gaining in popularity across all industries—and for good reason.  Winning organizations break down silos and optimize the flow of work across sales, marketing and customer success teams. RevOps […]

How (and why) RevOps teams use exegraphic data, with Intelligent Demand’s Nicole Davolt

DemandGen RevOps Sales

May 17, 2023

RevOps teams are under enormous pressure to grow their companies, and to grow them efficiently. Even C-suites are feeling this pressure. When they do, they turn to Nicole Davolt, a RevOps strategist at Intelligent Demand. “We align their tactics, their […]

It’s time to improve your aim

DemandGen RevOps Sales

May 3, 2023

Most revenue teams have more prospects in their CRM than they can handle. The problem, frankly, is not building up contact lists—the problem is maximizing the pipeline to identify the best prospects and engage them effectively. The sub-par prospects that […]

So you think you’ve exhausted your market?

DemandGen RevOps Sales

April 5, 2023

With the economy lagging and experts forecasting possible recessions, forward-thinking companies are looking to stimulate new revenue in new markets. In a vacuum, not a bad strategy. But many companies doing so are leaving money on the table in their […]

What is revenue operations?


March 22, 2023

You may think revenue operations (RevOps) sounds like just another buzzword. But it’s actually given a name to a function that’s been needed in the data-driven B2B world for a LONG time.  Because for the B2B businesses that have a […]

The navigational power of RevOps, with Rosalyn Santa Elena


March 15, 2023

RevOps has long existed as an organizational function—predating the term RevOps itself—yet so many teams struggle to integrate a dedicated RevOps team. Should it slot alongside (or above, or below) Sales and Marketing? How does this work? Rosalyn Santa Elena, […]

What chatbots teach revenue teams about using AI

DemandGen RevOps Sales

March 2, 2023

AI has reached a tipping point in accessibility and proficiency, and Sales and Marketing teams are suddenly engaging with AI in new ways—many for the first time. They’re using ChatGPT, for instance, to write their B2B prospecting emails, personalization and […]

Layering exegraphics and intent data to up your game (and your returns)

DemandGen RevOps Sales

February 28, 2023

RevOps teams are justifiably driven to incorporate intent data in their prioritization strategies. Which makes perfect sense: In the world of demand gen and cold outreach, a prospect who has voluntarily expressed interest in a solution your company offers is […]

Using RevOps to drive growth at scale, with HubSpot’s Sid Kumar


February 22, 2023

Yes, RevOps is all about optimizing revenue—but Sid Kumar understands that RevOps reaches that goal best when it views its function in other terms. “RevOps is the realization that go-to-market functions that cut across the customer journey need to be […]

27 RevOps best practices for driving revenue growth


February 15, 2023

Do you remember? Before Revenue Operations (RevOps) became an emerging function in the B2B world, things could get… confusing. Marketing, sales, finance and customer success operated in silos; each using their own databases with their own set of metrics, chasing […]

Coffee & RevOps with ChatGPT


February 1, 2023

All the ground we break here at Rev is AI-centric. Our AI-driven Sales Development Platform develops aiCPs (AI-driven customer profiles) that are living, evolving models that account for changes within your target audience. It’s all built on traits that we […]

Stay informed of critical events among your best prospects, with EV lenses

RevOps Sales

January 26, 2023

Reaching out to a prime prospect at a critical moment in their company’s journey—and before the competition does—could be the difference between a closed-won and closed-lost. You know that, and we know that. So, we decided to give you the […]

How to find new customers and increase sales


January 11, 2023

You’re not alone. When most B2B companies set out to find new customers and increase sales, they rely on an outdated ideal customer profile, use one-size-fits-all marketing tactics and hope for the best. But what if there was a better […]

RevOps guide to expanding into new markets and targeting new customers


December 7, 2022

Expanding into new markets can be an exciting and risky decision. On the one hand, it’s an opportunity to increase revenue and expand your customer base. But, on the other hand, it’s also a huge investment of time and money […]

How to build a high-performing RevOps team


November 22, 2022

Revenue operations (RevOps) is all about optimization—whether that means improving sales cycles, analyzing customer data to understand their needs and preferences better, or developing effective lead generation strategies.  As such, you’ll need a team of skilled professionals with a range […]

Expand and maintain your accounts in an economic downturn


November 9, 2022

The positive side of economic downturns is that they remind our companies to focus on what matters. A big part of that is your existing customer base. But too often, the reaction to economic hard times is to cling to […]

Grow and improve pipeline health in economic hard times

RevOps Sales

October 24, 2022

Revenue growth is easier during economic boons—just ask anyone from the .com bubble. It’s how companies maintain themselves during economic hard times that defines their sustainability. And more than just maintaining, downturns can actually be revenue growth opportunities for forward-thinking […]

How to increase your sales pipeline with high-fit target accounts


October 20, 2022

Increasing your sales pipeline with low-quality leads is easy. Just have your sales team start cold calling and emailing every business that kind of looks like your ideal customer. Of course, you’d quickly find yourself wasting a lot of time […]

Your ICP is broken, and here’s why

DemandGen RevOps Sales

September 22, 2022

Ideal customer profiles are a staple of B2B sales strategy. And they make sense: if you can identify the traits that make your best customers your best customers, you can target the same traits in your best prospects. The problem […]

New ways to identify new market segments


September 15, 2022

Every company that looks to enter a new market segment faces the same struggles: understanding the true total addressable market (TAM) and identifying the target accounts most likely to engage. There’s never been a handbook for this, no way to […]

B2B sales funnel: Understand and optimize what matters most

RevOps Sales

August 11, 2022

A recent Gartner study noted that the B2B purchasing process is complex. While that might not totally take you back, you might be surprised to learn that 77% of B2B buyers reported that their last purchase was complicated. So, let’s […]

What are exegraphics?

DemandGen RevOps Sales

July 22, 2022

Straight up, the B2B world does not get measured and tracked the same as the B2C world. Years ago, consumer sales vendors used to track just demographics. Today, they know a ridiculous amount beyond your age, your gender or your […]

Getting started: A roadmap for RevOps


July 7, 2022

Most companies are new to revenue operations, or RevOps. It’s a relatively new practice that’s only started to get traction in the last decade. And the reason RevOps has gained so much momentum is because it can dramatically—and positively—impact an […]

The problem with B2B data (and the solution your team is waiting for)

DemandGen RevOps Sales

June 15, 2022

B2B buying behavior involves multiple stakeholders, evolving buying criteria and an elongated consideration cycle. The sales and marketing tech stack only increases this complexity, so it seems counterintuitive to say B2B companies need another source of data to add to […]

Where to invest to solve sales and marketing misalignment

DemandGen RevOps Sales

June 4, 2022

Good news first: Advancements in B2B sales have a catalytic effect on humanity.  Who would’ve thought? Improving the ability of buyers and sellers of complex solutions to find each other more efficiently makes the world a better place. Whether your […]

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