Oracle is speeding up conversions and driving down costs with Rev

Challenge: Needed a smarter, more scientific way to source winning leads


Oracle, like other B2B software companies, was on the hunt for high-quality leads for its marketing platform. But the product’s ideal customers were not identifiable by just using an industry code or company size.  


Oracle had turned to other providers for leads, but those leads had very low conversion rates from the first to second stage of the funnel.


Solution: Rev’s MQLs for demand gen


Rev profiled a list of Oracle’s best customers and built an aiCP (artificial intelligence customer profile) based on exegraphics (data on how a company executes its mission) covering things such as how companies deploy new technologies, enter new markets and other ways they run their business. 


Rev also built and managed an outreach campaign and shared Oracle’s thought leadership content. Rev nurtured the companies that showed interest in this content and signaled  strong earl- stage buying intent, and later provided these leads to Oracle.


Results: Lower cost per lead and more efficient opportunity creation


Oracle experienced a 67% improvement on cost per new logo over the previous channel benchmark.


Oracle was also able to create opportunities  78% more efficiently, with $500k in pipeline value from just the initial pilot.


Finally, the leads Rev provided moved  23% faster through the funnel.


“Rev is creating opportunities at a rate we haven’t seen before. We’re getting much faster conversion and these leads help us drive down customer acquisition cost.”

Bryce Roberts | Manager, Demand Generation at Oracle