Splunk grows pipeline by 15% with Rev

Challenge: Needed to find prospects for a new product

After acquiring a company in the DevOps space, Splunk set out to run a Demand Gen campaign to prospects for this new offering. Splunk had developed an extensive ABM list and inherited a seed list (a list of their best customers), but still struggled to gain traction and add new, relevant prospects. 


Solution: Rev’s Sales Development Platform to find new targets

Splunk turned to Rev to help them focus their marketing efforts and run a more efficient  content syndication campaign.

Rev reviewed Splunk’s refined customer list (24k prospects), intent data gathered by a third-party vendor and a DevOps-specific seed list. Rev took these inputs and created an aiCP (artificial intelligence customer profile), prioritized the list and ran a content syndication campaign.

Splunk gained access to great, new prospects and also learned how poorly many of the companies that showed intent actually fit the aiCP. 

The process took less than 3 weeks.


Results: Focus and new pipeline, thanks to the aiCP

With prioritized lists, Splunk knew which prospects to focus on first and could work towards meeting its sales goals with DevOps customers. 

Splunk can attribute over 15% of their pipeline now to their new aiCP.

Splunk is planning on using the aiCP prioritized targets for future outbound campaigns.


“Rev gave us a prioritized account list to focus our marketing efforts. Over 15% of our pipeline can be attributed to Splunk’s aiCP—all with a very light lift from our side.”

Joe Paone | Sr Director, Worldwide Commercial Marketing at Splunk