Delivering high-quality leads in half the time with AI-powered lookalike targeting

How full-service marketing and creative agency Allytics provides 50% more five-star, net-new targets for their clients with Rev



Ensuring demand generation success the Allytics way

Who they are

Integrated marketing agency Allytics helps clients in the tech industry—including Fortune 1000 companies— improve their marketing ROI. For some, they build solutions that land their customers’ story to the world; for others, Allytics acts as their Central Marketing Organization (CMO), managing everything from strategy to implementation.


What they do with Rev

For three years and counting, Allytics has partnered with Rev for services to support deeper lead qualification, target market expansion and nurture campaigns. With Rev, their clients achieve breadth and depth through their lead generation efforts. This enables growth in their account lists, acquisition of new leads, and expansion of their pipeline for marketing and sales efforts. 

How it works

Rev’s Sales Development Platform finds high-quality prospects that look and act like Allytics’ clients’ best customers. Rather than mere firmographics employed by other solutions, Rev’s platform uses AI to evaluate a client’s best customers and uncover 500+ exegraphics—deep insights about how a company executes on its mission, like sales tactics, strategy and hiring practices—about them. The platform uses this data to create a dynamic and mathematical model of the client’s ideal customer, what we call an aiCP (AI-powered customer profile). The Sales Development Platform then shares this insight with Allytics and, using pattern matching, creates a prioritized list of other companies that exhibit the same traits and behaviors so Allytics can target them.

Rev identifies targets that are as specific and unique as the clients looking for them. If a client needs leads that meet a very specific set of criteria, Rev can make it happen through the Custom Lenses feature. “We can come in with any angle and Rev builds a lens for us that helps our clients increase their pipeline growth by providing unique and specific targeted insights. This gives us clear direction and quality results,” says Allytics President Dunya Riechelson. Custom Lenses are exclusive to each customer and are not shared among the Rev customer community. 

“Rev helped several of our clients expand their ABM list by more than 20%, providing targeted insights and two-touch campaigns that deliver quality results.”

Dunya Riechelson, | President, Allytics

Together, Rev and Allytics syndicate campaigns to targeted, high-quality prospects. This approach increases Allytics clients’ pipelines and helps find quality lookalikes for clients and expands their addressable market to increase the propensity of landing new customers. 

Says Riechelson, “With Rev, not only do we get high-quality leads, but quality is a focus from end-to-end through every touch point in the engagement. And, because the AI gets smarter over time, we can optimize as we go.”

Finally, as clients’ objectives shift, or they need to focus on new areas of the market, Rev collaborates closely with Allytics to build new target account lists by creating new or adjusting existing aiCPs.


“Rev’s technology, coupled with their employees’ level of responsiveness and agility, makes them a perfect partner to help our clients increase both the quality and velocity of new potential customers, closing more deals.”

Robert Doi | VP Marketing Services, Allytics


Measurable results with Rev

For Allytics, Rev expanded several clients’ account bases by more than 20% through lookalike targeting, giving them a stronger pool of leads. This also strengthened marketing attribution and sales output. 

One enterprise software company in Allytics’ care found four high-quality, enterprise opportunities with average account values in the millions in less than two months. Prior to Rev’s services, this process took 2-3x longer.



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