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Customer testimonials

Rev gave us a prioritized account list to focus our marketing efforts. Over 15% of our pipeline can be attributed to Splunk’s aiCP—all with a very light lift from our side.

Joe Paone

Sr Director, Worldwide Commercial Marketing, Splunk

Rev produces some of the best-performing target lists and tailored campaigns in the industry. With a commitment to service, attention to detail, and responsiveness, we couldn't ask for a better partner for our agency and clients.

Melanie Kennedy

Founder, Strategic Media

So many companies accept their ICP on faith, but Rev helps us validate those assumptions in a way that identifies new opportunities, uncovers new market segments and reveals customer characteristics that weren’t even on the client’s radar. All of which helps us, as the agency partner, plan creative, content, and campaigns that drive increased revenue and ROI.

Howard Sewell

President, Spear Marketing

Since deploying Rev, our pipeline is growing exclusively with accounts that match our ICP. In fact, in just one quarter our AIM—the percentage of accounts in our pipeline that match our ICP—has improved by 28%.

Alli Manning

Chief Operations Officer, Challenger

Rev is a great tool to help you really focus and prioritize your CRM data. It continues to monitor your pipeline and the AI adapts and changes the algorithm as new deals enter and leave the sales cycle. It goes deeper than just firmographic details like industry, company size etc and looks at custom filters that matter to your ICP and not just the general information.

Jessica Burke

Revenue Operations Manager, Replicant

With Rev, not only are we showing reps which accounts to garget, but we're also guiding them on which product they should pitch them.

Dave Rubin

Director of Global Sales Operations, ThoughtSpot

Rev’s exegraphic insights into a prospect’s fit and readiness provides tremendous value for our clients. Their AI-driven platform continually delivers high-quality, targeted leads that are a huge contributor to downstream revenue.

Mary McCarthy

Marketing & Media Strategist, MMC Media

Not only does Rev’s technology deliver high-quality, targeted prospects, but their customer service team possesses a deep commitment to the mutual success of our clients.

Dunya Riechelson

President, Allytics

Rev grew our pipeline with 1,500 accounts that matched our ICP that hadn't been on our radar. It even shed light on a new market we should consider entering.

Adam Maude

SVP of Sales, Challenger

Rev is an amazing partner and a staple in Tipalti’s syndicated content portfolio. We have been able to tap into Rev’s broad and diverse audience, driving thousands of verified leads for our core ICP. What really sets them apart is their support team. They are professional and accommodating when it comes to niche lead requirements, quick IO turnarounds and campaign edits.

Kendrick Shuler

Outbound Marketing Manager, Tipalti

We've been able to use exegraphics to help sales teams get some of their discovery out of the way. They don't have to get on a phone call to uncover some of the things that aren't normally seen but that we're able to see through exegraphics.

Nicole Davolt

RevOps Strategist, Intelligent Demand

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