The Cost of Losing

When can you celebrate a 30% success rate? For one, if you’re a premiere hitter in the baseball Hall of Fame. For two, if you’re on a world-class sales team. That’s about it.

No other field has a tolerance for a 70% (or higher!) failure rate. Certainly no other org in a successful business would get away with that success rate, let alone celebrated for it.

But we all know that losing comes with the sales territory… or so we have come to believe, because sales is hard. There are so many reasons why an AE might fail to close any given prospect that we practically expect failure more than two-thirds of the time. All that losing, however, comes at a cost. A cost that can be mitigated by knowing which prospects to go after—and which ones not to swing at. This report breaks it all down for you, and gives you guidance on how to shore up your strategy.