Growing your revenue—even during an economic downturn

When the economic climate feels uncertain, the pressure to do more with less increases, especially when it comes to driving growth. Every dollar you invest to drive sales must be spent with precision. With little room for error, what changes do you make?

Join Rev’s GTM Officer Jeff Ha, Strategic Media’s Founder Melanie Kennedy, Intelligent Demand’s Director of RevOps Strategy Aaron Owens and Deloitte’s Principal Paul as they sit down with AA-ISP’s Founder Bob Perkins and share what they’re seeing in the market. You’ll learn innovative approaches to grow and optimize your pipeline from front-line experts. You’ll walk away with new and actionable approaches you can implement to confidently grow your bottom line, including

  • How to reevaluate your ICP to spot prospects with a high propensity to engage
  • How to identify market expansion opportunities when you feel like you’ve exhausted yours
  • The best ways you can empower your outbound efforts and create stronger sales/marketing alignment