How RevOps teams use exegraphic data to grow and accelerate revenue

When it comes to optimizing revenue, data is king. There’s no doubt about it. But in order for your RevOps practice to have a shot at driving efficient, predictable revenue, you need to make sure you’re using the right data and at the right time. If you’re not using exegraphic data yet, you’re leaving money on the table… and the best deals out of your pipeline.

Join Intelligent Demand’s RevOps Strategist Nicole Davolt and Rev’s Chief GTM Officer Jeff Ha for a conversation on how to use exegraphic data—insights into how a company executes its mission—to elevate your GTM strategy. You’ll learn how to grow and accelerate revenue by using exegraphic data to:

  • Create confidence and alignment in your ICP
  • Remove noise from sales queue so your team is only focused on the most prime accounts
  • Give your pre-sales team better insights into the account before they reach out (saving them time!)