How to build better target lists

It’s no secret. Prospecting is hard work—and extremely time consuming. Outbound teams often struggle with knowing who to contact next, and they often resort to creating target lists of companies that look alike.

Not all companies that look alike act alike. So, how do you determine which targets are “fit and ready” to buy from you, even before they’ve shown intent?

Join Rev’s CEO Jonathan Spier and Chief GTM Officer Jeff Ha to learn the most efficient (and profitable way) to prospect. They’ll walk you through how to use Rev’s Sales Development Platform to optimize all your outbound channels., and you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding on

  • How to build an actionable ICP—beyond firmographics
  • How and why to target prospects based on how they operate
  • How to dramatically reduce time spent on list building and prioritization (and how it all seamlessly integrates into the systems you love!)