From leaky bucket to revenue engine

Times have changed—and so has the way B2B buyers make purchasing decisions.

It’s no longer a simple, linear process.

It’s a series of steps that run in parallel, with many departments partnering and executing activities that ultimately move a prospect further down the funnel. And it’s only becoming more complex.

As a revenue team, sales and marketing must come together and adapt to meet this new reality.

Tune in as Chili Piper’s Senior Product Marketing Manager Sid Khaitan and Rev’s Chief GTM Officer Jeff Ha share ways you can prioritize prospects and double conversion rates. You’ll learn

  • How B2B purchasing decisions have changed and how successful sales and marketing teams—like Gong, Sendoso, Patient Pop—have adapted
  • How to engage the right prospects at the right time
  • How to address the first-mile problem and straight-to-meeting imperatives