Your marketing playbook is outdated: How to build true demand

Promoting content, nurturing leads, scoring them and then sending those leads off to an SDR used to work really well. Used to. Those days are behind us. B2B buying behavior has changed.

If the process outlined above is still your core strategy, you’re probably experiencing low win rates and frustrating your sales team. It’s time to put that vintage playbook back on the shelf and deploy new tactics that focus more on your buyer.

Join marketing expert and VP of Revenue at AudioEye Manuel Rietzsch and Rev’s Chief GTM Officer Jeff Ha for a conversation on how to build real demand in 2023. You’ll walk away with actionable insights on:

  • The mistakes most organizations are making when it comes to demand gen
  • What the B2B buying journey actually looks like today and how to map to it
  • The shifts marketing teams need to make—with their goals, their programs, what they track and more