Capitalize on the cross sell: How to find new opportunities within existing accounts

B2B sales teams around the world continually ask themselves one question: What’s the strongest and fastest path to hitting quota? And today, that question is being asked more often.

The answer can seem simple: within your existing customer base, among those who already know and trust you. The how can be much more nuanced. But, according to McKinsey, cross selling can increase a company’s revenue by 20% and its profitability by 30%.

If you’re looking for tactical tips and guidance on how to build a strong cross-selling motion, look no further.

Join Zendesk’s President of Global Sales & Field Operations Norman Gennaro and Rev’s Chief GTM Officer Jeff Ha for a conversation all about driving growth through cross selling. You’ll learn:

  • The pillars for building a profitable cross-selling strategy
  • The reasons why cross selling fails (and how to avoid them)
  • How to identify and prioritize accounts ready for upsell