How to build (and evolve) a modern demand gen engine

Every sales team wants high-quality leads—at scale. As a demand gen leader, whether you’re starting a program from scratch or building out an existing one, you feel the weight of this responsibility 24/7.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was any successful demand gen engine. So, where do you start? And how do you know when it’s time to make the big shifts that will evolve your strategy and move you toward a more predictable pipeline model?

Catch this on-demand event where we sat down with Joe Paone, Senior Director of Worldwide Commercial Marketing at Splunk, and talked about the different phases of demand gen maturity. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of

  • The phases of demand gen maturity (what they look like and what you should measure)
  • How to identify when it’s time to make the leap into the next phase
  • How to keep sales and marketing aligned through every transition


From leaky bucket to revenue engine

Times have changed—and so has the way B2B buyers make purchasing decisions.

It’s no longer a simple, linear process.

It’s a series of steps that run in parallel, with many departments partnering and executing activities that ultimately move a prospect further down the funnel. And it’s only becoming more complex.

As a revenue team, sales and marketing must come together and adapt to meet this new reality.

Tune in as Chili Piper’s Senior Product Marketing Manager Sid Khaitan and Rev’s Chief GTM Officer Jeff Ha share ways you can prioritize prospects and double conversion rates. You’ll learn

  • How B2B purchasing decisions have changed and how successful sales and marketing teams—like Gong, Sendoso, Patient Pop—have adapted
  • How to engage the right prospects at the right time
  • How to address the first-mile problem and straight-to-meeting imperatives


How to build better target lists

It’s no secret. Prospecting is hard work—and extremely time consuming. Outbound teams often struggle with knowing who to contact next, and they often resort to creating target lists of companies that look alike.

Not all companies that look alike act alike. So, how do you determine which targets are “fit and ready” to buy from you, even before they’ve shown intent?

Join Rev’s CEO Jonathan Spier and Chief GTM Officer Jeff Ha to learn the most efficient (and profitable way) to prospect. They’ll walk you through how to use Rev’s Sales Development Platform to optimize all your outbound channels., and you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding on

  • How to build an actionable ICP—beyond firmographics
  • How and why to target prospects based on how they operate
  • How to dramatically reduce time spent on list building and prioritization (and how it all seamlessly integrates into the systems you love!)


The next generation account-based sales and sales engagement model: They aren’t what you think

You have intent data, but how do you know if a prospect is browsing or ready to make an investment? And once you identify a prospect who’s fit and ready to purchase, how are you getting in front of them quickly?

We’ve got great news. There’s a way to do both—and with precision.

Join Rev’s CEO Jonathan Spier and Kronologic’s SVP of Marketing Scott Logan and learn how to streamline your sales processes and close revenue faster. You’ll walk away with new strategies to help your sales team be more agile. You’ll also learn

  • How to target companies based on how they behave
  • Tactics to engage leads and increase conversion by 2-5X
  • Ways to create a stronger, more aligned GTM strategy


The winning formula: New account mapping and lead converting tactics

Taking your revenue to the next level isn’t always easy… but sometimes it is.

Join Rev’s CEO Jonathan Spier and Kronologic’s SVP of Marketing Scott Logan as they share how to set your team up for success by updating your account mapping practices and using new lead-converting strategies. With these new frameworks, you’ll stop losing pipeline to lead chasing and low conversion rates—and, instead, start landing meetings with buyers who are fit and ready to hear your pitch.

Watch this session and also learn more about

  • How to identify your best target accounts
  • How to (and why) enhance intent data
  • The five newest conversion tactics


Use AI to find your best prospects

B2B companies need good leads like people need air to breathe. Unfortunately, generating leads is not as easy as taking a deep breath. It’s often a manual, time-consuming and random process. But, it doesn’t have to be any of those things.

Join Jonathan Spier, CEO of Rev, and Marketing AI Institute to learn how AI can improve your business development efforts. During this session, you’ll learn

  • Why traditional B2B lead and demand gen programs fall short
  • How you can use AI to find (and close) missed opportunities and reduce waste
  • How marketers and sales pros can use AI to generate better B2B leads at scale


How your prospecting success starts at the top

Sales development has a “first-mile” problem. They often target the wrong companies, focus on poor prospects and use bad contact information. And, ultimately, that makes every next step your SDRs and AEs take a step in the wrong direction, wasting time and resources.

Join Rev CEO Jonathan Spier and Tenbound Founder and CEO David Dulany to learn how to make sales development your most powerful channel. Catch this session to get the latest insights on how to

  • Build a prioritized list (backed by data)
  • Save time by prospecting accounts that have a high propensity to engage
  • Close more deals