The art of lead nurturing: Epic fails and fixes

Leads are coming in, but they’re not converting to sales. Not seeing the results you expected is frustrating and discouraging—especially when Sales begins to look your way. 

You’ve got to do something. Your nurture program isn’t effectively moving people through the funnel. But, what exactly do you need to do?

Join marketing firm Allytics’ President Dunya Riechelson and its Sr. Director of Innovations Jeff Wells as they sit down with Rev’s Chief GTM Officer Jeff Ha for a conversation all about lead nurturing. They’ll share what they’ve learned working with some of the world’s leading brands. You’ll walk away with:

  • An actionable list of what to stop doing
  • Simple strategies for improving lead flow and quality
  • Insights for keeping your nurture program fresh


Capitalize on the cross sell: How to find new opportunities within existing accounts

B2B sales teams around the world continually ask themselves one question: What’s the strongest and fastest path to hitting quota? And today, that question is being asked more often.

The answer can seem simple: within your existing customer base, among those who already know and trust you. The how can be much more nuanced. But, according to McKinsey, cross selling can increase a company’s revenue by 20% and its profitability by 30%.

If you’re looking for tactical tips and guidance on how to build a strong cross-selling motion, look no further.

Join Zendesk’s President of Global Sales & Field Operations Norman Gennaro and Rev’s Chief GTM Officer Jeff Ha for a conversation all about driving growth through cross selling. You’ll learn:

  • The pillars for building a profitable cross-selling strategy
  • The reasons why cross selling fails (and how to avoid them)
  • How to identify and prioritize accounts ready for upsell


Your marketing playbook is outdated: How to build true demand

Promoting content, nurturing leads, scoring them and then sending those leads off to an SDR used to work really well. Used to. Those days are behind us. B2B buying behavior has changed.

If the process outlined above is still your core strategy, you’re probably experiencing low win rates and frustrating your sales team. It’s time to put that vintage playbook back on the shelf and deploy new tactics that focus more on your buyer.

Join marketing expert and VP of Revenue at AudioEye Manuel Rietzsch and Rev’s Chief GTM Officer Jeff Ha for a conversation on how to build real demand in 2023. You’ll walk away with actionable insights on:

  • The mistakes most organizations are making when it comes to demand gen
  • What the B2B buying journey actually looks like today and how to map to it
  • The shifts marketing teams need to make—with their goals, their programs, what they track and more


Stop the random tactics: Demand gen strategies for thriving in a tough economy

When the economy is rocky—like it is right now—it’s common for demand gen teams to panic. In an attempt to deliver new leads and demonstrate their value, they often look for new levers to pull and new tactics to execute. Unfortunately, far too many teams throw spaghetti at the wall… and none of it sticks.

With lofty goals and tight budgets, you can’t afford to be that team.

Join Tipalti’s Outbound Marketing Manager Kendrick Shuler, Spear Marketing’s President Howard Sewell and Rev’s Chief GTM Officer Jeff Ha for a conversation on what demand gen leaders can (and should do) to navigate today’s challenges. You’ll walk away with insights on:

  • The top challenges demand gen teams are facing
  • The tempting tactics and practices that get deployed (that produce minimal impact)
  • The strategies teams should adopted instead


How RevOps teams use exegraphic data to grow and accelerate revenue

When it comes to optimizing revenue, data is king. There’s no doubt about it. But in order for your RevOps practice to have a shot at driving efficient, predictable revenue, you need to make sure you’re using the right data and at the right time. If you’re not using exegraphic data yet, you’re leaving money on the table… and the best deals out of your pipeline.

Join Intelligent Demand’s RevOps Strategist Nicole Davolt and Rev’s Chief GTM Officer Jeff Ha for a conversation on how to use exegraphic data—insights into how a company executes its mission—to elevate your GTM strategy. You’ll learn how to grow and accelerate revenue by using exegraphic data to:

  • Create confidence and alignment in your ICP
  • Remove noise from sales queue so your team is only focused on the most prime accounts
  • Give your pre-sales team better insights into the account before they reach out (saving them time!)


Secrets of enterprise sales: How to win with multi-level selling and your partner ecosystem

Here’s the truth. You’re not just competing against other vendors. You’re also competing against the priorities of your prospect’s leadership team. That’s why engaging your target account’s c-suite has to be your priority—and the best way to do that is to strengthen your multi-level selling muscle and tap into your partner ecosystem. (After all, sometimes your partners know these contacts better than you.)

Join Pegasystem’s SVP of Global Partner Ecosystems Judy Buchholz and Rev’s CRO Fred Mondragon for a conversation that will help you uplevel your sales strategy. You’ll walk away with actionable insights on:

  • What multi-level selling is and why it’s a must for enterprise sales teams
  • How to do it right (and cardinal mistakes to avoid) 
  • How to leverage your partner ecosystem more effectively


RevOps in 2023: Need-to-knows for the year ahead

Every organization today is looking for ways to efficiently grow revenue. That’s why all eyes have turned to RevOps—and why RevOps leaders like you need all the support you can get. 

We’re not just talking support from sales, marketing, customer success and finance. You also benefit from the guidance of RevOps experts who can help you navigate the ins and outs of the field.

Join The RevOps Collective founder Rosalyn Santa Elena and Jeff Ha, Rev’s Chief GTM Officer, for a conversation about RevOps in 2023. You’ll get actionable insights about 

  • The rise of RevOps—where it’s been and how it’s evolving
  • How to improve your RevOps structure (and advance your career) 
  • Critical areas to focus on in the year ahead


How to leverage RevOps to drive growth at scale

Driving efficient and predictable revenue growth matters now more than ever. With today’s current market volatility and economic uncertainty, RevOps is now being recognized as a “need-to-have” rather than a “nice-to-have” function. Whether you’re just getting started or already have your practice in place, it’s important to know how to make the biggest impact with RevOps.

And when the advice comes from a RevOps trailblazer, what more could you ask for?

Join HubSpot’s SVP of RevOps Sid Kumar and Rev’s Chief GTM Officer Jeff Ha as they share how to leverage RevOps to drive growth at scale. You’ll walk away with actionable insights on

  • The essential elements of a successful RevOps motion
  • How teams can best partner with RevOps
  • Creating strong (and profitable) GTM alignment


Crush Q4: How to finish the quarter strong

The fourth quarter is here, and you’re likely feeling the stress that comes with hitting end-of-year quota. So is your team. If you’re asking yourself, “How can I help my team get—or stay—on track?” you’re in luck.

We’ve got your answer.

Join Rev’s Chief GTM Officer Jeff Ha and sales guru James “Saywhatsales” Buckley as they dive into the realities of Q4 sales practices and what you as leaders can do to help your team not just survive, but thrive. You’ll hear about

  • The state of Q4 sales practices
  • Proven methods to meaningfully support your team
  • Tactical strategies to empower your team to close more deals


Growing your revenue—even during an economic downturn

When the economic climate feels uncertain, the pressure to do more with less increases, especially when it comes to driving growth. Every dollar you invest to drive sales must be spent with precision. With little room for error, what changes do you make?

Join Rev’s GTM Officer Jeff Ha, Strategic Media’s Founder Melanie Kennedy, Intelligent Demand’s Director of RevOps Strategy Aaron Owens and Deloitte’s Principal Paul as they sit down with AA-ISP’s Founder Bob Perkins and share what they’re seeing in the market. You’ll learn innovative approaches to grow and optimize your pipeline from front-line experts. You’ll walk away with new and actionable approaches you can implement to confidently grow your bottom line, including

  • How to reevaluate your ICP to spot prospects with a high propensity to engage
  • How to identify market expansion opportunities when you feel like you’ve exhausted yours
  • The best ways you can empower your outbound efforts and create stronger sales/marketing alignment